MOXIS hat Schubkraft Get some movement in there. MOXIS has thrust. Mann in Fabrik hält Tablet mit MOXIS.

eSignature in the Industrial Sector

In the industrial sector as a whole, growing competitive pressure and the struggle for margins require perfect logistics. Only an effective management of information and knowledge can guarantee the high speed sustainably.

XiTrust’s product range offers solutions that meet all these requirements. With the digital signature folder XiTrust MOXIS, any signature workflow for a document can be digitally mapped – both internally and when collaborating with external persons. The required digital identity for a legally valid, qualified electronic signature (QES) can be issued worldwide online via the service.

In quality management, the XiTrust Business Server leaves nothing to be desired with its modules for digital time stamps, long-term signatures and electronic archiving.


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I am convinced that the electronic signature is experiencing a breakthrough now. The time is ripe.

Gerhard Schaupp - Head of IT, HABAU GROUP

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eSignature in the Industrial Sector

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