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Companies that frequently work with freelancers try to set up contract management that is as efficient as possible. The reality is different – current practice is still characterized by tedious cross-media conversion. Project-related contracts are created digitally, printed out and then sent to the freelancer – often by the time-consuming mailing route. The freelancer signs by hand and sends the contract document back to the client. The signed contract is then scanned in again and fed back into the digital workflow.

If the contract document is sent by e-mail, the freelancer prints it out, signs it by hand and emails the rescanned document back to the client.

A cumbersome procedure that costs time – and money if the project timeframe is tight. This con-servative understanding of contract management often comes at the expense of security as well: sen-sitive documents sent by e-mail can be viewed and even modified by third parties “on the road”. Data integrity and authenticity are not guaranteed.

Consistently Digital

More and more companies have therefore opted for the legally valid remote signature. An example is the German personnel service provider GULP, whose contract management is aimed at cooperation with highly qualified freelancers. Communication by post in particular is naturally more difficult for freelancers, since they frequently work in projects away from their own offices at the customer’s site, so that there is less opportunity to process the letter mail.

MOXIS makes it all possible

Companies such as GULP therefore use MOXIS, the digital signature folder. It is the tailor- made tool to entirely digitise contract management and to ensure security at the same time. Equipped with a digital identity, which is issued via the xIDENTITY.eu service via video ID procedure and costs the applicant less than 10 minutes once, any number of documents can be signed digitally via remote signature. The client automatically receives the signed contract straight after signing. The key advantage of the eSignature is particularly useful for freelancers: documents can be digitally signed regardless of time and place. This leaves more time for the most important part: the project.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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