MOXIS – the eSignature Business Platform

The all-in-one eSignature solutions for all industries

MOXIS – the eSignature Business Platform

The all-in-one eSignature solutions for all industries

With MOXIS, the days are over when you had to send out each document by mail and wait for the urgently needed signatures. Now, you can sit back and relax, and what's more, you'll save time.

MOXIS offers you more than just a signature:


The acceleration of the signature process allows for more efficient use of time.


Overall savings through the use of digital signatures.


Savings per contract document (personnel, paper, archiving, postage, …).

Flexible Deployment

MOXIS is available on-premises and in the cloud.

MOXIS complies with all jurisdictions

MOXIS fulfils the requirements of the eIDAS, ZertES regulation and complies with the guidelines of the GDPR, as well as with the Swiss E-DSG.

Save the planet

With MOXIS, you can digitalize your company and at the same time move one step closer towards the paperless office. The elimination of paper usage contributes to the reduction of water consumption, CO2 emissions, and the production of recycled paper.



MOXIS offers a full range of features, catering to the needs of the market. The MOXIS features were specially devised to meet the needs of the Enterprise segment.

Utilize decision levels to construct a personalized signature workflow that aligns perfectly with the needs of your organization.

Batch function
Save costs by signing multiple documents with one single transaction.

Form Fields
Form fields offer a multitude of applications, providing you with ample space for creative freedom and design flexibility.


Placeholders, user and role concepts, deputy rules, serial jobs and much more – discover the wide variety of features MOXIS has to offer!

Cost transparency


With MOXIS there are no hidden costs

You can maintain an overview of your own licenses

Stacking function saves you the cost of multiple signatures

Integration capability


MOXIS is your practical companion when signing digitally. It was especially important for us to keep things simple, which is why MOXIS can be integrated in a wide variety of leading systems: 

seamless integration of all digital signature processes

Integration capability into the CRM system

Office 365
can be signed in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and others with one click

Doxis4 ECM
makes it possible to manage previously signed digital documents

Microsoft SharePoint
MOXIS is available with enhanced functionality

Security and legal validity


MOXIS offers you seamless traceability and complies with all legal requirements.

Freely selectable signature qualities (QES, AES, SES)

eIDAS Regulation from the EU and the Swiss ZertES Regulation

General Data Production Regulation from the EU (GDPR) and the Swiss E-DSG

In MOXIS, in addition to xIDENTITY out of the box, qualified signing can be performed with Handy-Signatur, ID Austria, Swisscom and D-Trust .

Excerpt from MOXIS customer evaluations.

Deputy Area Manager in Austria
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"In terms of the system, it can receive documents via an interface or be used as a "stand-alone" variant. In the business environment, the management of documents for signing is done via an interface to the DMS. The software enables electronic legal signatures to be applied to documents. The software is easy to use as a user."
Managing Director in Germany
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"The software offers a boost in efficiency, time savings and user-friendliness."
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"Electronic signatures enable automation and digitization in the administration of a company. It significantly increases the flexibility of administrative processes, approvals can be made independently of time and place.It has always been and still is easy to implement new "features. From the very beginning it was possible to create the signature in the form of signature. It is very easy and intuitive to make the "signatures". And it can be done both individually and in groups."
Internal Sales Representative Export in Germany
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"Signing of contract documents - TOP. In our company, Moxis has an SAP interface as well as an interface to the digital sales file, which greatly simplifies the filing of signed documents."

Leading companies are already digitising their signature processes with MOXIS.
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