Digital signatures,
that create trust.

100% legally signing with MOXIS.

Digital signatures
that create trust.

100% legally signing with MOXIS.

Digital signatures,
that create trust.

100% legally signing with MOXIS.

WHO IS XiTrust?

As XiTrust, our vision is to simplify digital signature processes and ensure secure operations for our customers. This allows for more time and resources to be dedicated to your core business.

MOXIS – the eSignature Business Platform

Sign digitally with a solution that is 100% from Europe.

MOXIS covers individual requirements and needs: Professional Cloud, Enterprise Cloud and Enterprise On-Premises, offering a variety of functions, such as qualified batch signature, signature workflows, form fields, biometrics and a comprehensive API. Moreover, MOXIS can be seamlessly integrated into any IT infrastructure. The MOXIS cloud solutions are housed in appropriate data centres in Europe, enabling us to offer our customers the highest security standard possible.

MOXIS & xIDENTITY – 2 technologies that go hand in hand

With MOXIS, digital signing is available in all levels of quality.

The qualified electronic signature (QES) represents the legally highest level of digital signature and is equivalent to a handwritten signature. The eIDAS-compliant xIDENTITY provides the required “digital identity”. The digital identity is issued via Ident procedure, in which your details are compared and validated in terms of their authenticity. With MOXIS, users can also render simple and advanced signatures for which no digital identity is necessary.

Beside MOXIS, it is also possible to sign legally with xIDENTITY via the digital smartphone-signature offered by Swisscom and D-Trust.

Current Highlights.

Over 1,000 companies trust in the digital signatures from MOXIS. When are you starting?

How MOXIS helps the BMW Group to save costs.

Here´s why you should sign digitally with MOXIS:

Signature qualities from SES, progressing to AES, and up to QES.

DSGVO-, DSG-, ZertES-, & eIDAS-compliant

Third-party system integration

Securing your existing workflows

Extensive features to facilitate work

Available as cloud and on-premises solution

Hosting in high security data centre

Support with the implementation

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