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The digital signature folder XiTrust MOXIS is the enterprise-grade solution for digitalizing all signature-requiring processes in your company and thus, eliminating tedious cross-media conversion. Reduce the waiting time for important signatures from several days to a few minutes and enhance the efficiency of your daily business processes! eSignature with MOXIS – easy, secure and legally valid.

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The electronic signature has long since left its niche existence and is becoming increasingly important – both in private and business applications. We pick up current topics and the latest trends in the field of eSignatures.

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Contract management with freelancers: The qualities of the electronic signature

Stefan Thiede of GULP explains in this guest article the possibilities of digital contract management with Xitrust MOXIS.

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Birgit Unger

#StrongWomenInTheDigitalization: “lifeblood and commitment”

For XiTrust, Christoph Schomberg spoke with Birgit Unger about women in the professional field of IT.

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Remain capable of action!

For the duration of the initial restrictions, we provide you with MOXIS for your signature processes for immediate use without obligation, as far as our resources allow it.

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News, trends and many other interesting topics concerning eSignatures and beyond can be found in our online magazine – take a look!


About the Electronic Signature

What is the eSignature?

What types of electronic signatures are there? Are electronically signed documents legally binding? What about the legal basis behind it? Get the answers to these and other questions related to eSignatures.

Harald Krassnigg, Head of Project Management & Legal Issues

Harald Krassnigg
Head of Project Management
& Legal Issues

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