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Customized branding.

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Use your corporate identity to customize
the design of MOXIS according to your wishes.

Use your corporate identity to customize the design of MOXIS according to your wishes.


Every company has its own identity. This is what the term corporate identity stands for. It conveys a sense of integrity and belonging – an essential cornerstone for the success of a team or an entire workforce.

Here it comes down to seemingly minor details: logos, colors, designs. All this engenders the feeling of being at home, where you know your way around. MOXIS adapts to this in an ideal way. In fact, it completely takes on the identity of the company that uses it. MOXIS is exclusive, of course.

Already when logging in, the company‘s own design appears in MOXIS. The key focus is on the user, not on the software. MOXIS fulfills this role with great self-confidence and works reliably in its new outfit. Here, as well, it comes down to details: For example, your company logo can be added to any placeholder. The same applies to the e-mails used to notify signatories of a signature process. They can also be designed in the particular company design. In this way, your corporate identity is retained in all signature processes.
Customized Branding von MOXIS am Beispiel von Adecco.

Customized branding of MOXIS illustrated by the example of Adecco.

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