Signature types.

Standard, advanced or qualified.

Decisions are the fuel for the daily work of a business and often require the utmost care – also when it comes to the quality of the signature. For example, a qualified electronic signature (QES) is required for employment contracts or payment instructions. QES is supported in MOXIS by default – so that you are always on the safe side. In particular for internal processes, the qualified electronic signature is often not required at all. MOXIS offers various options for carrying out such approval processes. The integrity of the document is always guaranteed, every change is immediately visible. Sometimes it is sufficient only to visualize the image of the signature on the document. This is also possible in MOXIS – in addition, there is the option to simply “rubber-stamp” documents invisibly.
A slider can be used to conveniently select between standard, advanced and qualified signature.

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Create, save and share templates

Intelligent placeholder concept for signature visualization

Map roles and define your own groups of signers

Invite external parties to sign documents