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Streamline your signature processes in MOXIS
with the creation of templates.

Streamline your signature processes in MOXIS with the creation of templates.

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Electronic signatures save time. This is one of the core features of MOXIS. It is evident in all its functions. But the further development of MOXIS always has usability optimisation in mind as well. The creation of templates is a good example.

Most signature processes are clearly defined and are not likely to change overnight. So how about creating a signature workflow just once and having it completely prepared for future signature processes? With the template function of MOXIS this is very easy: create the job only once, define the iterations and where the placeholders will be put. It doesn’t matter whether signing is done in parallel or whether a defined hierarchy has to be adhered to.

Especially for established processes, templates elegantly shorten the signature process. And best of all: Saved templates can also be easily shared and thus made available to other users.

Erstellung und Verwendung von Vorlagen für Signaturprozesse in MOXIS

In MOXIS, templates can be easily created and shared within the company.

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