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Batch signature.

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With MOXIS, you can sign up to
100 documents within a single transaction.

With MOXIS you can sign up to 100 documents within a single transaction.

Reduce and relax.

You cannot do everything at once!? Yes you can! At least when it comes to signing multiple documents. There is hardly any other function where the strength of the electronic signature becomes as clear as with the batch function in MOXIS. Nothing eases the signature process more.

eSignatures save time. With the batch function of MOXIS, you gain even more time: namely, several documents can be signed simultaneously in a single signature process – legally valid.

The analogue signature approach is cumbersome because the persons required to sign must be physically present where the paper-based documents are located. The procedure can be easily shortened with the electronic signature and the batch function in MOXIS. Of course, this can also be done in parallel with other signers.

Die Stapelsignatur in MOXIS: Mehrere Dokumente zur Signatur in der Unterschriftenmappe
Die Stapelsignatur in MOXIS: Mehrere Dokumente auswählen und auf einmal unterschreiben

Up to 100 documents can be conveniently signed in a batch in one transaction, using SES/AES as well as QES.

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enrich and edit your documents with form fields
configurable workflows adapt to your processes

choose from various signature qualities – QES included

create templates, save them and share them with others
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