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Form fields.

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Enhance documents to be signed in MOXIS
by adding smart form fields.

Enhance documents to be signed in MOXIS
by adding smart form fields.

The document is at the centre.

Companies use MOXIS in internal and external processes as an electronic signature solution. The form fields intelligently complement the range of MOXIS features: where previously PDFs were uploaded for signing, the documents to be signed are created and designed directly in MOXIS using form fields. The form fields are thus a decisive extension of the placeholder principle in MOXIS, where the signing fields are dragged and dropped to the desired position in the document. The innovation of the form fields can be seen: The document takes centre stage in the view.
Wherever high standardisation is used, MOXIS users can obtain signatures with the form function in the end customer business. These can be, for example, supply contracts for energy in private households. As with internal use, individual form fields are personally assigned to the signers for this purpose. In addition to the signature fields, there are also text fields that are integrated into the document. All other fields, which are to be signed by other persons or filled in with information, remain blocked.

Cross-media conversion caused by sending customer forms via mail is completely eliminated. The form fields in MOXIS also ensure data integrity: unlike paper-based solutions or working with documents created in Word, the document cannot be edited. The end user is guided through the document by MOXIS and immediately recognises where the form needs to be completed. The GDPR-compliant signed documents are machine-readable and can be further processed and archived in the system without an intermediate step.
Formularfelder in MOXIS erweitern zu unterschreibende Dokumente auf intelligente Art und Weise.

In MOXIS, existing form fields can be assigned and new form fields can be added.

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