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Make use of the intelligent placeholder
concept to visualise signatures in MOXIS.

Make use of the intelligent placeholder concept to visualize signatures in MOXIS.

Memory of the document.

The Placeholder is used to visualise the signature image within a document. The location of the placeholder determines the final position of the signature. The document is completely prepared.

The placeholder concept in MOXIS makes it as simple as can be for the persons who have to sign the document. They do not need to worry about anything other than the signature itself.

All process parties benefit from the intelligence of the placeholder and from its excellent memory. This is because the information visualised in the placeholder and stored in the QR code becomes active as soon as the document is uploaded to MOXIS.

In the decision workflow, certain people have to sign the document either alone or as a member of a group, depending on the position of the placeholders.

Das Platzhalter-Prinzip zur Visualisierung von Signaturen in MOXIS.

Both personal and group placeholders, e.g. from the corporate AD, can be used in MOXIS.

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