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karriere.at is the largest job portal in Austria. For its internal signature workflows, the company was looking for a product that would guarantee qualified electronic signatures not only in the EU, but also in Switzerland. With XiTrust MOXIS in the SaaS version, CFO Sibylle Nowak has found the perfect solution for her company.

For Sibylle Nowak it is a praise to be considered a nitpicker. The CFO of karriere.at is responsible for the areas finance and law. “It‘s an advantage if you count the beans every now and then,“ the business economist says. She expects no less initiative and a sense of responsibility from her employees than from herself. In this way, the matter of electronic signatures at karriere.at has also gained momentum.

“We are a young and agile company,“ Nowak says. “There is no position of a classic assistant who ensures that a signature finds its way into someone‘s folder. At karriere.at, this is done according to the principle of personal responsibility. You have to take care of it yourself and look for the person who signs the contract.“ It was correspondingly tedious to get all signatures in the analogous way: Those who had prepared the process had to literally catch the person required to sign, as Nowak puts it with a smile.

Sibylle Nowak

»We therefore needed a partner whose product could do both: Qualified electronic signing in the EU and Switzerland, where a parent company of karriere.at is based.«

Sybille Nowak

CFO, karriere.at

Annual financial reports, supplier contracts or shareholder resolutions: There are many documents that need to be signed at karriere.at and its subsidiaries. Sibylle Nowak was therefore looking for an electronic signature solution that would relieve all parties: The signatories as well as those in the company who are responsible for ensuring that the signatures are compiled just in time. “Many of our signatures have to be executed according to the four-eyes principle. When one managing director sits in Linz and the other in Vienna, paper- based signing becomes somewhat tedious.” In Sibylle Nowak’s view, this is “no longer up to date. There is a negative time factor behind it.”

However, the signature solution for karriere.at had to go beyond the possibility of signing anywhere and avoiding cross-media conversion. The company faced the problem that electronic signatures with a certificate issued within the EU are legally valid according to the eIDAS regulation, which is not the case in Switzerland due to a different legal situation, as the Swiss Signature Act ZertES applies. “We therefore needed a partner whose product offers qualified electronic signatures both in the EU and in Switzerland, where a parent company of karriere.at has its headquarters.”

With MOXIS, Sibylle Nowak found a solution that perfectly fits this requirement profile. The manager also knew that the future for the signature matter of karriere.at is in the cloud. Hence, the company has opted for SaaS version of MOXIS – the worry-free package. One argument in favor of Chief Financial Officer Nowak was the optimal customer support. “As an Austrian company, XiTrust fits us better than an international corporation. We need a partner we can reach during our business hours.“

She herself sees the new mobility in signing as a big plus in her daily work. Would the enthusiastic hobby sailor also sign digitally on a sailing trip aboard her catamaran? “Theoretically yes,“ she says, “practically no. The risk of my mobile phone falling into the water is too great for me!“

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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