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Digital Contract Management for Personnel Service Provider.

In the case of personnel service providers, more contracts are concluded than in almost any other industry. Since the amendment of the German Temporary Employment Act, the signatures of all parties involved must be present on these contracts before the employee starts to work – otherwise there is a risk of severe penalties.

The situation is similar when operating with freelancers. IT projects in particular often lack a physical presence on site – and signing the contract by mail can take its time, especially if the freelancer works at the other end of the world. Contemporary solutions are also in demand here.

With MOXIS, all contracts can be handled digitally with all parties involved: the agent, the employee or freelancer, and internal purposes as well. The necessary digital identity for a legally valid eSignature by mobile phone is supplied with the xIDENTITY.eu service.

Unique features take your
signature processes to the next level.

freely selectable signature types – QES out of the box included

Create, save and share templates

Invite external persons to sign documents

Compliance with all requirements of the eIDAS and ZertES regulations


»Contracts are initally signed in-house by two authorised signatories and then, the contract is forwarded to the freelancer to sign. These levels of decision-making are perfectly mapped in MOXIS.«

Thomas Gasteiger

Project Management, GULP

In practice.

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