Fast, legally compliant and green.

The exchange of documents – and legally signed ones at that – by means of analog mail is here to stay. Especially since alternatives are often not fully accepted or are insecure. But how can letter communication be made more sustainable, smarter and, above all, legally secure? XiTrust partner bitkasten AG has developed bitkasten, the digital version of the mailbox. Any mail – with or without an electronic signature – can be received, read and archived for life.

The classic way of sending mail is inflexible, time-consuming, expensive and no longer really up-to-date. E-mails are very popular and help save time and effort, but they have major gaps when it comes to data protection and legally binding delivery. In addition, email addresses change regularly, leading to high rates of undeliverability.

With bitkasten, which is available as a cloud solution, XiTrust partner bitkasten AG from Nürnberg has created the secure and DSGVO-compliant digital equivalent of the letterbox. “We have transferred the model of the classic mailbox and mail dispatch into the modern world. Recipients get with bitkasten a digital mailbox for letter communication of all senders as an alternative to classic mail. And this without e-mail and different portals with passwords depending on the sender,” says Iris Hagemann, Head of Business Development at bitkasten AG.

The implementation is very simple: The letter post is delivered digitally and DSGVO-compliant based on the postal address. This reduces effort, saves postage costs and protects the environment. The recipient accesses the mail via mobile app or web access. Here, they identify themselves with their electronic ID card or a unique identifier such as their personnel number. In the bitkasten, they can then call up the documents they have received digitally, save them in the long-term archive or download them. If a recipient does not pick up his or her mail in the digital mailbox after a defined time, the letter will be delivered traditional. This ensures that a letter is delivered with 100% certainty. At the same time, natural resources are conserved, because only those items that cannot be delivered digitally are printed.

For the mailer, a return on investment in a few months and a secure implementation within weeks is important. By using the existing print data stream, implementation takes place entirely without a lengthy and cost-intensive IT project and can be implemented in as little as four weeks.

Digitizing processes intelligently

However, digitizing mail communication is only the first step on the way to more sustainable and efficient communication with customers, employees and citizens. Companies experience further optimization of productivity and process costs through the digitization of paper-related internal company processes and digital contract processing. This turns the mailing of dumb, analog documents into intelligent and digital processes and workflows.

Through the integration of MOXIS in bitkasten, all documents can be sent with legally valid electronic signatures. “With MOXIS, we have an answer to our customers’ requirements,” says Iris Hagemann. “Important documents require a legally valid signature by law. MOXIS saves our customers the usual hassle of signing paper-based documents. A compact, very smart solution!”

»With MOXIS, we have an answer to our customers' requirements.«

Iris Hagemann,

Head of Business Development at bitkasten AG

Use Case: Digitization of employee-related processes

Employees receive their pay slips digitally and can save them directly in your provided archive. The HR department provides a digital service within days, e.g. for vacation requests, job tickets, etc. Internal communication also reaches blue-collar employees without company email or intranet access.

Informed and satisfied employees are crucial to the success of the company. The larger the number of employees in a company, the more dynamic its personnel development and the more important its communication. But not all employees always have access to e-mail or the intranet. Therefore, new ways have to be found to reduce the scattering loss, for example from the “bulletin board”. With the bitkasten, employees have access to all important information at any time and anywhere – be it internal information letters, works council notices or any personnel mail such as pay slips and pension information. Here, the bitkasten becomes the central employee archive. Even if the employer changes, it remains for the user.

“The idea is to digitize the entire exchange of documents from the start of recruiting a new employee until he or she retires. This can reduce the considerable administrative effort required for paper-based processes and for all documents that need to be signed, such as employment contracts and contract amendments.” Iris Hagemann further emphasizes “Digitizing onboarding processes is a differentiator for many companies when recruiting new talent and is therefore becoming increasingly important.”

Use Case: MOXIS Users
Companies already working with MOXIS can establish secure communication channels for all electronically signed documents in a very short time by integrating the bitbox and provide a lifelong archive repository for the end user. With the archive function, the back office areas are relieved, as fewer document copies are requested by customers, citizens or employees. “With bitkasten, our users get a central platform that connects all processes – from signature to secure dispatch”. explains Iris Hagemann.

Use Case: End customers
Changes in communication behavior, the increasing use of digital technologies and location-independent working mean that traditional mail communication needs to be adapted. Easy handling and central access are the key. By using the bitkasten with the personal document archive, recipients always have all important documents with them. And thanks to the search function or the creation of their own order structure, even the long search through stacks of paper is a thing of the past. “Filling out forms and applications correctly and legibly is not always easy. Fill-in instructions are very helpful there. They navigate through the form and no mandatory fields are forgotten,” says Hagemann. “All information is legible and can be processed directly. This reduces the susceptibility to errors, leads to faster processing and thus to satisfaction on both sides.”

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust