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Combination of trust.

As a shareholder of A-Trust, XiTrust has initiated the most secure solution for qualified electronic signatures for its customers. The cooperation with the trust service provider is well received by customers throughout the EU as reliable quality in all legally compliant signature processes. With around two million remote signatures now in use, qualified electronic signatures are one of the major digital growth topics – partly because more and more companies are rethinking their approach.

Mandatory documentation and strict compliance guidelines: Especially when it comes to signing contracts, payment releases or NDAs, companies are required to set up a “watertight” solution for these workflows. With the qualified electronic signature, it is possible to work without media discontinuity and in compliance with the law. Anyone who wants to replace analog signature processes with digital ones needs innovative products and the reliability of a state-approved trust center like A-Trust. This is where the combined solution from XiTrust and A-Trust comes in.

Founded around 20 years ago, A-Trust is now the first address for secure authentication in the digital and mobile world. The Austrian company is a qualified trust service provider and operates on the basis of the eIDAS Regulation: since 2016, it has stipulated that qualified electronic signatures have the same legal validity in EU countries as documents drawn with a fountain pen. Trust is good, control is better: A-Trust is subject to regular controls by the supervisory authority RTR.

Two million

This is the number of remote signatures issued by A-Trust in the past ten years. In the banking and finance sector only in Germany, more than 500,000 contracts have been signed with a remote signature since the eIDAS regulation came into force. Such numbers are also possible thanks to xIDENTITY, the service XiTrust offers together with A-Trust. As a qualified trust service provider, A-Trust is authorized to issue personal certificates. The result: via video identity procedure to a digital identity that everyone who wants to work online in a legally secure manner needs. “Together with XiTrust, we have made giant strides in driving the acceptance of electronic signatures for private and professional use,” sums up Michael Butz, former CEO of A-Trust.

«Together, we have taken giant steps to drive adoption of electronic signatures for personal and professional use!»

Michael Butz,

former CEO of A-Trust GmbH

 Secure and flexible

The professional use of remote signature has a name: MOXIS, the electronic signature folder. The enterprise tool for all signature processes at company level docks tailor-made with the combined trust center solution of both companies. “As a shareholder of A-Trust, we can offer our customers from all industries the best possible signature package on the market with MOXIS,” says Georg Lindsberger, CEO of XiTrust. Like Michael Butz, Georg Lindsberger sees the technology partnership between the two companies as a win-win situation – to the benefit of users.

These users now come from all industries in which mandatory documentation is part of daily business. Take human resources, for example: in human resources, contractual agreements are usually bound to written form: This means that qualified electronic signatures are required in order to be legally valid. Personnel service providers such as the Adecco Group, Lee Hecht Harrison or Modis are already benefiting from the strong tandem of XiTrust and A-Trust: The changes to the law in the Employee Transfer Act not only stipulate the written form, but have also strictly regulated the signature deadlines. With MOXIS and the personal certificates from A-Trust, they were able to implement the requirements optimally – and work more securely and mobilely than ever.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust