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The partnership between D-TRUST, a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group, and XiTrust expands the diversity of MOXIS on the German market. Companies working with the electronic signature folder can now also trigger qualified electronic signatures with qualified signature certificates from the German trust service provider D-TRUST.

XiTrust customers now also have the option of working with a German trust service provider. “We deliberately sought this partnership,” says Andreas Koller, CEO XiTrust Germany. On the one hand, says Koller, this partnership stands for the consistent coverage of the DACH region with XiTrust’s product range. But he cites another argument: “More and more companies prefer a remote signature solution from a German trust service provider. Made in Germany, after all. With MOXIS in combination with D-TRUST, they are simultaneously opting for a 100 percent eIDAS-compliant solution!”

A head start through continental anchoring: XiTrust works exclusively with purely European data centers in order to be able to offer its customers in the European Union the greatest possible data security and legal compliance.

Growth in private sector

Now that XiTrust, as a shareholder of A-Trust and partner of Swisscom Trust Services, can already offer its customers in Austria and Switzerland a secure solution for qualified electronic signatures, the partnership with D-TRUST convincingly closes this gap. “Both XiTrust and D-TRUST gain a lot of grown know-how through this partnership and increase their added value. D-TRUST benefits by adding the signature solution MOXIS. XiTrust, in turn, adds the option of a qualified electronic signature from a German trust service provider to its product portfolio,” says Fabian Grabicki, Marketing Manager for Signing Services at D-TRUST.

In addition to a strong increase in new customers in the private sector, existing experience with regard to digitization in the public sector is also to be supplemented and newly acquired. Grabicki: “Austria is already very well positioned in this area thanks to its experience with the citizen card and use cases in the public sector, for example in the area of identification and digital signatures. We will certainly benefit from this experience through the partnership!”

»Through this partnership, both XiTrust and D-TRUST gain a great deal of mature know-how and increase their added value.«

Fabian Grabicki,

Marketing Manager for Signing Services at D-Trust

Trend reversal toward remote signature

While Grabicki believes that the use of remote signature still has some catching up to do in Germany, especially in the public sector, other fields have already made more progress: “Both large corporations and SMEs are increasingly interested in mature and eIDAS-compliant signature solutions. In particular, digital signatures are being used to create contracts with partners, customers or service providers, as well as in the HR sector.” In areas that legally require a written form for signatures, such as the energy and waste management industries or HR service providers, “a clear market shift from traditional card-based signature solutions to remote signatures can be felt,” says Grabicki.

D-Trust GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, is a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group. Technologically mature solutions make it a pioneer in secure digital identities. As an independent and qualified trust service provider, D-TRUST has already been listed with the Federal Network Agency since 2016 as part of the eIDAS Regulation. The company provides legally secure and certified trust services such as digital certificates and electronic signatures.

“We are convinced that we have found the ideal partner in D-TRUST for the further development of the German market,” says Andreas Koller. “Both partners gain equally from their respective wealth of experience and customer network. We are looking forward to the future cooperation!

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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