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An ID card, a mobile phone, internet access with webcam and 10 minutes of time. Get your xIDENTITY today via video identification procedure.

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With your xIDENTITY you can immediately sign any PDF document via the qualified remote signature.


xIDENTITY is a service offered by XiTrust together with A-Trust GmbH. As a certified trust service provider, the Austrian Trust Center A-Trust is authorized to issue personal certificates that feature the same legal validity such as a conventional identification document. The result is a digital identity, forming the prerequisite for a legally valid, secure digital transaction management.

This includes the qualified electronic signature (QES) of all legally binding documents such as contracts, account openings or loans – by remote signature via mobile phone. Only with a qualified certificate, issued by an eIDAS-compliant Trust Center, a document can be eligibly signed in a legally secure manner.

XiTrust is the second largest shareholder of A-Trust. Other shareholders are the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich), the Austrian Notary Trust Bank (Österreichische Notartreuhandbank) or the Austrian Bar Association (Österreichische Rechtsanwaltskammer). As a result, the partner companies are able to offer all services related to the electronic signature from a single source, from the registration to the legally secure electronic signature. And this both on the national and the European stage: A-Trust has now issued 1.3 million identities in form of the “Handy-Signatur” in Austria alone. A-Trust is a technological leader in the European market as a trust center. By now, more than 700.000 people have already been registered for xIDENTITY via the video identification procedure – carried out by XiTrust’s partner WebID Solutions.

Everything you need to know about xIDENTITY can be found in our FAQs.


xIDENTITY is the perfect addition to fully digitalize the business processes in your company and to avoid cross-media conversion. In order to legally sign documents with MOXIS via the qualified remote signature, a digital identity is always required to ensure the authenticity of the signer.

Since the eIDAS Regulation came into effect on 1 July 2016, one can obtain a digital identity from every certified trust service provider across the EU. This digital identity is then legally recognized in every other member state of the EU. In Austria, the digital identity has been reality for some years now – the so-called “Handy-Signatur”. However, this type of the qualified remote signature is available only for austrian residents.
With xIDENTITY, everything you need regarding digital transaction management is now delivered from one source – for the whole of Europe! The use of MOXIS, XiTrust’s digital signature folder, is now easier than ever, as XiTrust now takes care of your digital identity no matter where your business is located! This leaves you more time for the essentials – your company, your products, your customers.

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