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Life can be a paper chase. Administrative routines at one of the most modern universities in Europe are no exception to this. Whether it be an application or a recognition notice – the procedure is always paper-based and marked by logistical effort that involves cross-media conversion, detours via the mail and lots of running around:

The documents to be submitted need to be provided in paper form, and the printed notices are signed by hand. Only upon presentation of the student ID can the notice be picked up at the coordinating office or it is dispatched via registered mail.

This somewhat time-consuming procedure will soon be completely eliminated. The Karl-Franzens University of Graz, in cooperation with XiTrust, has launched the digitalization of administrative processes. The Faculty of Humanities took the first step. Under its auspices are disciplines from the fields of German Studies, Music Science and American Studies.

»Today's students have grown up with a digital lifestyle. As an educational institution, we also have to take this into account. At the end of the day, it's about increasing efficiency and making modern administration as lean as possible.«

Christian Marzluf

Head of IT, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

Digital becomes original

The project takes work off the chairs of the curricula committees, the examination department and the students. All certificates that arise can be signed digitally by remote signature in the MOXIS electronic signature folder, individually or in batches. In addition to the qualified electronic signature, MOXIS enables an official signature to be affixed to the certificate and the certificate to be verifiably delivered electronically. This is done through the automated transfer of notices to an electronic delivery service.

With MOXIS, the university realizes significant cost savings. This begins with savings in paper and printing costs. Error-prone and cumbersome cross-media conversion can be eliminated completely. Thanks to the acceleration of routine administrative tasks and streamlining in the dispatch of documents, the assignment of personnel can be planned much more efficiently. XiTrust MOXIS paves the way for leaner processes for the chairmen of the curriculum commissions, the dean’s office and the examination department: signatures can be executed regardless of time and place. If necessary, in parallel.

The solution from XiTrust enables a legally-compliant electronic signature with the comfort of batch signature as well as the legal electronic dispatch of notices to the students. All notices can now be stored as electronic PDF documentation in the archive system of the University of Graz in a space-saving and secure way. Thanks to the official signature, a print-out of the document is also legally valid. Tedious and cost-intensive archiving of paper documents is now completely eliminated.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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