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Housing & Infrastructure.

Construction project developers, IT consultants and facility service companies are already digitizing their document process with MOXIS. When will you start?

Working paperless with electronic signatures.

Companies from the housing construction sector or telecommunications providers also appreciate MOXIS because it reflects their core business: Reliability, service to the customer and a broad outlook for the future. Industries in which speed and simplification form the basis of their own self-image find their counterpart in the electronic signature folder.

Whether it’s board documents, general contract management or simple approvals: MOXIS is not only quick and easy to implement, it also speeds up all internal and external processes on the way to the paperless office.

Unique features take your
signature processes to the next level.

Intelligent placeholder concept for visualization of signatures

Invite external persons to sign documents

freely selectable signature typesQES out of the box included

Compliance with all requirements of the eIDAS and ZertES regulations

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»In a consulting role, we have to intervene in our customers' corporate culture. This includes changing habits of mind. You don't always have to be present in a certain place or travel on a plane to get tasks done.«

Martin Diewald

IT-Management, Hutchison Drei