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Paperless office with MOXIS.

Payment approvals are one of those things. Until the green light is finally given, time passes and the overview can get lost in the meantime. Especially when several authorized signatories are involved. The issue is well known for companies with several branches at different locations. If the processes are also paper-based, things get really complicated. Approvals move from department to department, from location to location, and the visibility of invoice details is not always fully guaranteed. In short, everyone’s patience is put to a serious test.

Even for the ennstal housing group, one of the largest and most modern housing cooperatives in Austria, there has been no way around this tedious and time-consuming hurdle race. After all, with 45,000 administrative units, a considerable amount of documents accumulates. It is true that these documents could already be retrieved electronically. However, they were still printed out for signature, and then scanned in again and archived.

»With MOXIS, we have succeeded in completely eliminating media discontinuities in the signing of payment releases. A solution has thus been found for this cumbersome process, which now enables us to sign paperless, faster, more securely and, above all, on the move.«

Dir. Alois Oberegger

Executive Director, Gem. Wohn- u. Siedlungsgenossenschaft ennstal

Alois Oberegger

With the initiation of the digital signature of payment releases, the ennstal housing group is doing veritable pioneering work. Together with XiTrust, the ball was set rolling for the complete digitization of previously paper-based processes.

The ennstal housing group is now using all the advantages of MOXIS. This means that the paper-based signature folder and time-consuming signature runs are closed chapters in the company’s history. With the batch function, several documents can be conveniently signed simultaneously and legally valid by all board members within a few minutes. And this is independent of where the individual signatories are at the moment.

The signature platform was precisely docked onto the company’s internal IT infrastructure. With the new solution, Wohnbaugruppe ennstal is realizing significant cost savings, because when it comes to payment approvals, time really does mean money: media disruptions are now completely eliminated.

Documents no longer have to be printed out and scanned in again for signature, but can be digitally archived directly. MOXIS thus not only makes administrative work easier for the employees of the ennstal housing group, but also stands for acceleration and transparency of all processes – on the way to a paperless office.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust