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Finance, Insurance & Law.

Numerous banks, insurance companies & legal firms are already digitizing their document process with MOXIS. When will you start?

Secure electronic signatures.

Reliability and security are a currency of their own for financial service providers, legal firms and insurance companies. Values need a technological environment that is conducive to them and allows them to grow.

XiTrust customers from this field appreciate the range of options offered by MOXIS, for example in hosting and signature qualities. Quite a few decide to operate in their own data center, on premises, and qualified electronic signatures are used in the majority of cases. MOXIS adapts to the requirements and not vice versa.

Insurance companies and banks also use MOXIS to expand their service portfolio towards end customers. Here, customer platforms are created in which electronic signatures can be easily and quickly integrated with MOXIS.

Unique features take your
signature processes to the next level.

Invite external persons to sign documents

Two-factor- authentication

Compliance with all requirements of the eIDAS and ZertES regulations

freely selectable signature types QES out of the box included

»MOXIS has proven to be a powerful accelerator. After the initial integration, the roll-out to other Group units was easy. This has confirmed us in our course.«

Mag. Alexander Zupancic

Project Leadee, Raiffeisen Bank International AG

In Practice .

All what is right

In MOXIS, the Swiss legal firm Lenz & Staehelin has found a signature solution that can be operated On Prem and that offers all the ...
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Pacemaker MOXIS

Raiffeisen Bank International uses electronic signatures with MOXIS, among other things for account openings, as well as for internal and external contract conclusions.
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Enhanced efficiency, speed and security

For SVA, the great advantage of the digital signature folder lies in the possibility of signing documents at any time and from any location. The ...
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