Two factor authentication.

Flexible and secure.

A large number of contractual documents are subject to confidentiality: sensitive content sent to external employees, customers or suppliers is usually not intended for a third set of eyes. MOXIS makes digital contracting with end customers not only easy, but also secure.

MOXIS makes it easy to sign at the point of sale. Signers do not need a signature pad for this. This is made possible by a QR code that is called up directly in MOXIS: When scanned, the document opens on the desired mobile device, e.g. a smartphone or tablet, and can be signed directly.

Access to the document is secured by specifying a mobile phone number with a second factor. This is independent of whether the document is accessed via the sent e-mail or via the QR code. Only after entering the SMS-TAN (optional),  the sensitive contract contents are visible and can then be viewed and signed as usual. In the case of a qualified signature using xIDENTITY, fingerprint or Face ID is also used.

After successful completion of the signature process, the signed documents can be downloaded by the end customers themselves via the MOXIS download portal. Here, additional security can be activated via SMS-TAN as well. With MOXIS, all confidential information remains absolutely secure, even when accessed externally.

The declaration of intent is made via fingerprint/face ID.

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Sign multiple documents simultaneously in batch

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