Module 1 – Basic Package

Basic knowledge
E-signature legal aspects

Consulting Package Beginner.

Simple, fast and secure. The perfect signature solution for your company.

Starting position & objective.

Up to now, signatures have been made on paper and were identified as less efficient by you. You can imagine introducing the digital signature into your company processes. At this point, you still have more questions than answers about digital signatures. You need expert knowledge to make your final decision about integrating the electronic signature.

The experts from XiTrust provide you with the basic knowledge of digital signatures in a one-day workshop. The workshop is completed by an individual requirements analysis for your company.

The training takes place in form of a one-day workshop, including individual preparation and follow-up and includes the analysis of 2-3 business processes.

4.787 € excl. travel costs

Contents and outputs.

I. Legal aspects


legal situation in Germany/Austria and the EU (eIDAS) as well as Switzerland (ZertES)

understanding the differences between SES/AES/QES – simple, advanced and qualified electronic signatures

which signature quality is relevant for which document types

basic legal aspects of the electronic signature with relation to a third country

Signature basics

  • Cryptography
  • what is the meaning of integrity/authenticity?
  • what is a trust service provider?
  • what is a Registration Officer or what is a Video Ident Registration?
  • what is a certificate or an eID?

customer requirements regarding qualified electronic signature

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II. Data privacy


GDPR and the electronic signature

Privacy by Design & Privacy by Default

data processing

GDPR & eIDAS in international context

requirements of the customer regarding data privacy

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III. Processes


potential cost savings using the e-signature

individual requirements analysis

elaboration of use cases for the application of the electronic signature

functional capabilities of MOXIS and possibilities to integrate them into existing IT systems

Success stories from leading companies

Integration with external systems (ERP systems, archiving systems, CRM systems, etc.)

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Modules 1 and 2 can be merged to perform a Proof of Concept.

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Module 1: Basic Package

Basic knowledge
Legal aspects

4.787 €

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Module 2: Starter Package

Requirement analysis
Integration of MOXIS
Technical consulting and project management

7.176 €