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Customized consulting modules for the rollout of electronic signatures in MOXIS

Consulting & Project Management.

The best signature solution for your company – with the right partner.

The right partner. The best solution.

In the age of digital transformation, it is essential to have the right partner on your side! XiTrust is your partner for the professional use of the digital signature. XiTrust draws on a unique fund of experience gained in close cooperation with customers from all industries. Our customer base ranges from industry to healthcare to the public sector and beyond.

Our products are defined by a high degree of standardisation and are therefore easy to integrate into the existing IT infrastructure. However, we also know that every company needs an individual solution adapted to its actual requirements in order to successfully exploit the opportunities offered by digital signatures.

Our developers and project managers support you on the way to the suitable signature product and jointly develop a strategy for integrating the digital signature into your workflows. And maybe they’ll spark some good ideas you haven’t had before! We do this in personal consulting sessions as well as in workshops, where we already gain an idea of what your personal signature solution might look like.

Surf towards the eSignature. With the right partner!

Our packages.

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Module 1: Basic Package

Basic knowledge
Legal aspects

4.787 €

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Module 2: Starter Package

Requirement analysis
Integration of MOXIS
Technical consulting and project management

7.176 €


Module 3: Tuner Package

Expansion of the application spectrum
MOXIS roll-out to further business branches
Active use of synergetic potentials

5.980 €

»In some of the projects carried out, it can even be said that together with XiTrust we have managed to make the impossible possible.«

Ota Vales


Customised solutions

Every company is different.
Tailor-made eSignature processes unlock more of our customers’ potential.

Expert consulting

Designing a joint vision and working out in which processes eSignature has the greatest effect.

Extensive experience

Experience is knowledge that you can’t google.
It is present in all our solutions.

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