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The education centre ibis acam uses electronic signatures for a wide scope of quality management services for their customers. MOXIS plays a central role in supporting the digitalization process of the company.

Founded in Vorarlberg in 1993, ibis acam is one of the most successful private education centres in Austria today. The company supports jobseekers with various training offerings and coaching services. Their main focus lies on people, whose first integration into the labour market is often hindered: young career starters, migrants and older people. ibis acam‘s main customer is the Austrian unemployment office (AMS). “Sustainable qualification to start a career or to re-enter the labour market is paramount to all 700 employees,” says CFO Leopold Fischl. The credo of the company puts it in a nutshell: ‘Empowering people!’

Herr Leopold Fischl

»Over the year, MOXIS saves us up to 1,500 man hours in combination with significant financial relief for ibis acam!«

Leopold Fischl

CFO, ibis acam Bildungs GmbH

The company’s CFO is driving forward the digitalization concepts company-wide. The ‘virtual classroom’ has been an integral component of the training offerings for many years: since 2015, ibis acam offers digital versions of the courses. CFO Fischl considers this carefully designed structureto be the reason why the coronavirus crisis did not blindside the company. “At the beginning of the lockdown, we were forced to digitalize our complete course offering within a few days; practically over the weekend. The main task was to reorganize 5,000 participants to distance learning by means of a digital platform and to adapt our offer to this new situation,” explains Leopold Fischl. “We barely lost participants during this ambitious process,” says CFO Leopold Fischl – not without showing pride. “Our rate was close to 100 percent!“

Original document quality

The latest building block of his digitalization agenda is MOXIS. “Electronic signatures are simply perfect for ibis acam’s decentralised structure. Our coaches work in up to 50 or 60 different locations. The digitalization of signature processes is a consequential innovation.” ibis acam uses an ERP system that records all services since the education centre is obliged to provide evidence of the performance records to their customers, and especially to the unemployment office (AMS) at any time. These documents have the same quality as the original documents. In order to prove the correctness of the records, three signatures are required at ibis acam for all documents. The coach who records them, the corresponding supervisor and a further body are responsible for verifying and processing all records. This process is carried out on a monthly basis.

“Just a few months ago, we had hardcopies for all of these documents and all the clutter and efforts involved,” says Leopold Fischl. “A suboptimal condition with the purpose of integrating the electronic signature into ERP with MOXIS. Even signatures are team work at our company.” The project started at the beginning of 2020. The first version went live by the end of February. “Our
first test run was carried out with a preselected test group and it worked perfectly. Our plan was to rollout the project step by step over the year. One federal province after the other,” states Fischl.“

Savings of 1,500 working hours

And then coronavirus got in the way and all of a sudden, coaches were no longer distributed in 60 different locations but in 700 home-offices, one location for each coach. The greatest challenge for ibis acam was to continue with the new signature process despite the new requirements that rose out of this situation. “The decision was crystal clear, we would not only continue on the same path with MOXIS, but we would accelerate the process. Since March, we have been fully implementing MOXIS in the process. XiTrust offers great support, their Customer Operations Team implemented everything incredibly fast.”

Since ibis acam CFO Leopold Fischl is good with numbers by nature, he precisely knows what MOXIS offers to his company. “Over the year we are saving up to 1,500 working hours, resulting in a significant financial relief for ibis acam.” This efficiency leap is the most convincing argument for him to sign all of the internal documents with MOXIS from now on. ‘Empowering people’ – with MOXIS.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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