Efficiency levers for staffing companies.

GEDAT GmbH is one of the most renowned IT companies in Germany with a focus on the temporary staffing and personnel services industry. The partnership between XiTrust and GEDAT combines the core products TIME JOB and MOXIS: complete personnel management including electronic signature.

When Peter Löber takes a look at the current Lünendonk list, he should be very satisfied. Once a year, the turnover barometer for various markets also publishes the most successful companies in the temporary staffing and personnel services sector in Germany. Four of his customers are among the top 25, two of them even among the top 5. Peter Löber heads the IT service provider GEDAT from Cölbe. “The list,” he thinks, “is a nice confirmation of our work, but of course always just a snapshot.”

GEDAT GmbH has been developing commercial ERP solutions for the industry for 36 years, the flagship is TIME JOB. A comprehensive tool that accompanies personnel management from the application phase to the signing of the employment contract to payroll accounting. A new functionality in TIME JOB provides the electronic signature folder MOXIS. As part of a strategic partnership, XiTrust is GEDAT’s partner for all topics related to electronic signatures. Löber: “With MOXIS, XiTrust offers a secure e-signature platform for companies on the market. The electronic signature folder is seamlessly integrated into TIME JOB.”

Contracts in data flow – uninterrupted

TIME JOB users like to use MOXIS for employee leasing contracts. GEDAT’s customers are thus on the safe side and can work in all signature processes in compliance with the German Temporary Employment Act (AÜG): Before the start of the work assignment, all required signatures are collected – paperless and in the fastest possible way.

The target group for GEDAT’s IT services are medium-sized and larger personnel service providers and temporary employment agencies. An industry that routiniers like Peter Löber see in motion. Starting with the legal requirements that have arisen since the amendment of the AÜG.

»The ability to sign electronically is an integral part of digitization in companies - and not just since Corona! In our experience, the demand grows with the size of the company.«

Peter Löber,

Manager at GEDAT

Digital transformation also “in the heads”.

At the same time, Managing Director Löber is observing a profound change in the industry in terms of the processes involved in recruiting new employees. “The ability to sign electronically is an integral part of digitization in companies – and not just since Corona! In our experience, the need grows with company size.” Many of TIME JOB’s large customers are already confronted with e-signing solutions because they themselves also operate in the key account environment. “There is of course always the requirement to work with the most efficient and secure solutions. We are increasingly asked by our customers which e-signature solution TIME JOB offers.”

Electronic signatures are now a central component of company-wide digitization strategies. “Large customers are looking for mature, field-proven solutions – like MOXIS.” The GEDAT manager sees the integration of MOXIS into TIME JOB as a perfect completion of the overall package. In discussions with customers, the simplicity of the e-signature solution from XiTrust is proven time and again to be convincing right from the start. Löber: “We encounter positive reactions when we present the functional diversity of the electronic signature folder in our product!”

The manager sees another driver for the standard use of the electronic signature in the self-image of the younger generation of employees. He attests to their great influence on the job market and the accompanying digital solutions. “Whether you call them Generation Y or Z: younger, well-educated professionals define their individual working conditions precisely and often recognize the benefits of digital solutions more quickly.”

The prospects for the continued partnership between XiTrust and GEDAT lie in the further roll-out of MOXIS, in new use cases such as employment contracts, where talks are currently already underway with a major customer. “We are optimistic that this will succeed and that we will make TIME JOB even stronger with MOXIS in the future – and thus our customers,” says Peter Löber.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust