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Unlimited possibilities

XiTrust partner zvoove from Germany can offer its customers in the personnel services industry the perfect tool for qualified electronic signatures with MOXIS. The new Arbeitskräfteüberlassungsgesetz (AÜG – German Personnel Leasing Act) represents an initial spark for the digitization agenda of the industry. The horizon of the corporate partnership goes far beyond the digitized processing of employment contracts. 

When visiting customers, Marc Linkert always has to do some convincing. How comprehensive digitization can support company processes in a very concrete way: In the experience of the sales manager of the zvoove Group, many things are still done in an analog way because, after all, it has worked for decades. The experienced manager knows how to effectively help his customers from the personnel services industry, building and event management.

The game “Pick up 100 euro bills” has proven to be particularly effective,” says Linkert. And it works like this: During the very first tour of the company, he uncovers the weak points and estimates how many 100-euro bills could be collected at the first attempt in places where work is still done in analog form – but where there has long since been a sophisticated digital counterpart. This method does not miss its mark. “In most cases, this is followed promptly by an appointment during which we look together at where money-earning potential is slumbering!” Now Marc Linkert has another conclusive argument at hand: thanks to the partnership with XiTrust, his employer Landwehr can now also integrate the qualified electronic signature with MOXIS into the value chain of its customers.

Focus on personnel

The focus of the partnership between the two companies is on working with customers in the personnel services industry. The 2017 amendment to the AÜG has increased the pressure on companies to innovate. Because all of a sudden there was a requirement for written form, which can only be met with legally valid signatures. What’s more, according to the AÜG, all contracts for the provision and placement of workers must now be explicitly concluded before the start of the work. Although this was already stated in the law in a modified form, it was never part of everyday practice. In the new version, however, there are severe penalties for non-compliance. “The personnel services industry has finally woken up,” is Linkert’s verdict.

In the past, the prejudice that comprehensive digitization causes problems in the short and medium term instead of solving them has repeatedly proven to be an obstacle, especially in a segment as complex as legally valid digital signatures. According to Linkert, this misunderstanding has led to the situation where individual customers who are now happily working with the qualified electronic signature preferred for a time to put their dispatchers in the car to personally cart the contract from A to B for signing.

Marc Linkert Portrait

»It was important to us to offer our customers a solution that not only enables qualified signatures, but is also easy to integrate into existing systems.«

Marc Linkert

EVP Public Affairs at zvoove

MOXIS as a solution

“It was important to us to offer our customers a solution that not only allows qualified signatures, but is also easy to integrate into existing systems at the same time.” In MOXIS, zvoove found what it was looking for. This is because the electronic signature folder is characterized by simple handling and the best compatibility values. Expert Linkert also found this out: The strongest motivation to sign electronically in the long term is not the fear of punishment, but the experience that this innovation represents a significant simplification in daily work, saves money and relieves personnel resources.

In the future, XiTrust Secure Technologies’ solution will be used by zvoove’s customers for far more than employment contracts – and across industries. Linkert: “We are starting with employee leasing contracts, and employment contracts will be added. The benefits of electronic signatures must reach a company’s employees directly,” he says from experience. Employees often need to confirm something, for example, when dealing with authorities – there has to be a signature on every net earnings certificate. “And if this is all solved digitally, the employee can forward the relevant documents directly to the authorities without spending any additional time,” explains Marc Linkert. “The possibilities are almost unlimited!”

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust