Press Release 09/2021.

Strong signature team.

St. Gallen, 15.09.2021 Complex digital signing processes and secure dispatch – XiTrust Secure Technologies AG and PrivaSphere AG combine their solutions for implementing electronic signatures in companies.

Clearly defined electronic signing processes as well as secure, confidential and binding dispatch – these are the basic elements of the solution from XiTrust Secure Technologies AG and PrivaSphere AG. The core elements are the MOXIS application and the federally recognized PrivaSphere secure messaging platform.

The new solution from XiTrust and PrivaSphere is aimed primarily at administrations, banks and insurance companies, large law firms, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, but also at the HR departments of all companies. The solution is used to manage electronic signatures and the secure or binding dispatch of contracts, submissions, applications and orders.
It is based on the MOXIS signature platform, which can be used to elegantly implement even complex signing processes: Signers and groups, proxies, design of the signature, exchange of documents – all this is precisely defined by the administration. Thanks to interoperability, the end user is always mobile; for example, documents can be signed directly on the train ride via smartphone. Paperwork and long waiting times are thus a thing of the past.
After the signing process, digital direct dispatch takes place via PrivaSphere Secure Messaging. The document reaches the recipient securely via the platform, e.g. by confidential e-mail or eGov registered mail. PrivaSphere complies with the regulations of electronic legal transactions. Signing and sending take place in a smooth, secure workflow. Everything is digital, analogous to legally binding postal traffic – but much more efficient.

Integration takes place quickly and conveniently via an interface within the company’s established processes. By integrating the solution, users are spared the media disruptions caused by tedious printing and repeated scanning of documents that are already available in digital form.

Targeted bundling of potentials
The platform operated by PrivaSphere AG is recognized in Switzerland for electronic legal transactions and is widely used, for example, in administrations at the federal level and among cantons. There are various transmission methods: confidential emails, email or eGov registered mail. The latter is carried out in accordance with the legal requirements of Swiss law as well as the strictest data protection regulations. Transmissions of up to 2 GB and even more are possible via the platform.
With the MOXIS signing platform, XiTrust Secure Technologies AG offers a signature platform¬ that is already established in the DACH region. Customers include companies such as BMW, Adecco and Fresenius. The joint solution with PrivaSphere AG uses the qualified electronic signature (QES), which is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature.

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