Press Release 10/2021.

E-signature lawyers.

Graz/St. Gallen, 18.10.2021 – The Swiss legal firm Lenz & Staehelin has found a customized solution for electronic signatures in MOXIS from XiTrust: MOXIS can be operated on-premises and plays off all the security advantages of a European solution. The law firm works exclusively with qualified electronic signatures.

Lenz & Staehelin is one of the largest legal firms in Switzerland: 200 lawyers support clients, most of whom come from business and industry. The experts in Swiss business law are now using MOXIS for the benefit of their clients. The e-signature solution from XiTrust is the only product on the market that could meet Lenz & Staehelin’s high demands for security and efficiency. Only qualified electronic signatures should be triggered in daily practice.

The e-signature solution they were looking for also had to be able to be operated on-premises. “Unfortunately, this is not possible with all solutions on the market,” says Davide Cortorreal, the IT manager at Lenz & Staehelin. In Swisscom’s partner list, Lenz & Staehelin came across the range of services offered by XiTrust MOXIS.

Qualified electronic signature on-premises

“In all legal matters, we use the highest-quality signature,” says the IT manager. “In MOXIS, we not only have a solution that we can run on our in-house servers, but one that can also do qualified electronic signatures.”

200 lawyers work for clients at Lenz & Staehelin. This makes the firm one of the largest in Switzerland, with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne. Companies in particular seek the advice of Lenz & Staehelin. Contract law, tax law, employment law, financial law and intellectual property issues are among the lawfirm’s areas of focus.