Press Release 12/2021.

Crisis-proof signing.

Graz, 21.12.2021 – Annual interview with the management of XiTrust: How the pandemic is influencing the digital transformation of companies and culture. A conversation with Georg Lindsberger and Andreas Koller.

The year 2021 was again characterized by challenging framework conditions. It has become apparent that the electronic signature is a very central support for many companies. A support that – as in the previous year – helped to secure the companies’ ability to act. The MOXIS e-signature platform made an important contribution to this.

Thanks to its proximity to customers, XiTrust has been able to gain direct insight into the changes in individual company processes. How have companies positioned themselves to take the new conditions into account? What remains? What is a snapshot?

In the big annual interview, Georg Lindsberger (CEO XiTrust Group) and Andreas Koller (CEO Germany/Switzerland) shed light on these and other questions. In particular, they also discuss the lasting impact of the pandemic on the development of corporate culture. Read how it is already crucial for companies to think about social aspects in the process of digital transformation.

Georg Lindsberger and Andreas Koller agree that the pandemic sheds light on the working world of the future: The ability to work with the same quality on the move as in a stationary environment is becoming increasingly important. For example, with the use of location- and time-independent electronic signatures.