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How signing processes in the HR department are digitized with XiTrust MOXIS

Culture of precision.

Karin Koch prefers facts down on paper. The Head of Department HR Corporate Services has been working at AVL for more than 20 years. Hence, she knows that the success of a company depends on absolute precision – a principle that has top priority worldwide for this innovative industrial company. The results of the development and testing of powertrains have to be accurate down to the last decimal place. “Our employees remain our most valuable capital,” says Karin Koch. Of more than 10,000 employees worldwide, the culture of precision is personally lived to completion.

Frau Karin Koch


«All approval processes in SAP and SharePoint are merged in MOXIS. Everything can be accomplished in one step, there is no need to leave the user interface.»

Karin Koch
Head of HR Corporate Services, AVL


» Significantly higher return
rate compared to paper-based

» Signature images provide a
personal touch

» Possibility of a worldwide roll-out

In the past, these signing processes were set up based on paper at AVL. Each document was forwarded by in-house mail to the employee’s line management for a handwritten signature. At the same time, the responsible HR Specialist has retained a copy, noting when the document was sent to whom. Karin Koch remembers this approach with mixed sentiments. “Sometimes it was only learned after weeks that the document had never arrived, that the head of department was on holiday or that the signature was delayed for other reasons.“ The HR manager sees the leap in quality through MOXIS in the complete traceability of the entire signature process. “The return rate in the digital signature workflow is significantly higher than in paper-based processes,” Koch says. She also appreciates the possibility of eventually being able to sign mobile and in batch with MOXIS: “In the analog scenario, the documents stack up in my folder and I have to be physically present to sign them individually.“

For AVL, the decision for MOXIS was also influenced by global aspects. The company deliberately looked for an eSign solution that would work worldwide as well as at the headquarters in Graz. Koch and her colleagues from the IT department appreciate the great integration capability of MOXIS: “All approval processes in SAP and Share- Point are merged in MOXIS. Everything can be accomplished in one step, there is no need to leave the user interface.“

Karin Koch sees the icing on the cake of the new signing solution at AVL in the possibility of signing digitally with original signature images. This, she says, gives the digital signing process a personal touch – something AVL traditionally attaches great importance to.


The “Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen List” (AVL) has been existing under this name since 1948. Starting as an engineering office by Prof. Dr. Hans List, AVL is today a globally operating company with more than 10,000 employees, more than 4,000 of whom work at the headquarters in Graz. Its core business is the development and testing of powertrain systems, as well as research into alternative powertrains such as fuel cell technology. AVL has an annual turnover of 1.75 billion euros (2018).

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