Xign up.

An ID, a mobile phone. Internet access with webcam and 10 minutes of time. Xign Up today via video identification procedure.


You can upload any PDF-document to your myXidentity-Account where you can digitally sign it with the qualified electronic signature.


Application Programming Interface for connecting XiDentity with existing services, for authentication or for qualified electronic signing – available soon.


XiDentity is a service that XiTrust offers together with A-Trust GmbH. As a certified trust service provider, the Austrian Trust Center A-Trust is authorized to issue personal certificates that have the same legal validity online as an analogue identification document. The result is a digital identity that anyone who wants to work legally secure online needs.

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XiDentity & XiTrust MOXIS

XiDentity is the ideal addition to make the business processes in your company digital and without cross-media conversion. Because, in order to legally sign documents with XiTrust MOXIS via remote signature, a digital identity is always required to ensure the authenticity of the signing person.

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In regularly-held webinars, XiTrust presents products and solutions or introduces the opportunities available to you, based on case studies. Take advantage of our offer and use this easy method to learn more information free of charge and under no obligation!

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