XiDentity – your digital identity

A digital identity is the basic prerequisite for a qualified, legally-valid signature in an electronic format. In Austria, with the cell phone signature, there has been an option for several years of obtaining a digital identity of this type. Now, with the service XiDentity.eu, XiTrust is offering an eIDAS-compliant digital identity for everyone!

Via the XiDentity.eu Portal, effective immediately, with just a few steps, you can obtain a certified digital identity and use it to electronically sign even on the same day. According to the eIDAS Regulation, the digital identity can be used for a qualified electronic signature throughout the European Union. Mobile via cell phone, with a tablet, on a computer. The qualified electronic signature is free of media discontinuities and is equivalent to a handwritten signature: In a legal sense, there is no better way to bear signature.

The use of the digital identity from XiDentity.eu is secured through the TAN procedure. This guarantees that the owner of the digital identity will have exclusive legally-binding use of the signature. So why not sign up today!


All that is required to obtain your own digital identity with XiDentity…


…is your personal identification, your cell phone and a few minutes of your time.


As soon as he registered, you can use the mobile TAN…


…to electronically sign your documents, no matter where you happen to be!

Sign your PDF documents quickly and easily in your MyXidentity account – 100% eIDAS-compliant!

XiDentity & XiTrust MOXIS

One look at the XiTrust product family shows that XiDentity is the ideal complement to make your business processes digital and free of media discontinuity. Because in order to provide a valid legal electronic signature with XiTrust MOXIS, a digital identity is always required to guarantee the authenticity of the signatory.

Since the eIDAS Regulation went into effect on July 1, 2016, you can obtain a digital identity throughout the EU from any certified trust service providers. This must also be legally recognized in every other member state of the EU. In Austria, the digital identity has already been a reality for several years in the form of the cell phone signature provided by A-Trust GmbH as such a certified trust service provider – in practice, however, you can only receive the cell phone signature if you have your legal residence in Austria.

With XiDentity, everything you need for your digital workflow is provided from a single source! The use of XiTrust MOXIS, the digital folder from XiTrust, is thus easier than ever, as now XiTrust also handles your digital identity, no matter where your company is located! This allows you more time for the essentials – your company, your products, your customers.


Sign documents electronically with a legally valid signature

As soon as you have received your XiDentity, you can upload documents into your myXiDentity account and sign electronically.

EU-wide validity of your digital identity

According to the eIDAS Regulation, documents signed electronically via XiDentity must be legally recognized throughout the EU.

An ideal complement for users of XiTrust MOXIS

With XiDentity, you receive the digital identities for use of XiTrust MOXIS directly from XiTrust.


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