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Sales Department.

Boost your Sales with eSignatures

Sales is the lifeblood of every company. The ability to convince, professional competence, empathy and of course, a well-developed and field-proven product: these are the basic principles of successful sales operations, which have not significantly changed even in the age of digital transformation. Today, however, the targeted use of electronic signatures offers every sales department the opportunity to achieve success more quickly.

MOXIS can make a decisive contribution to sales success! The digital signature folder is the comprehensive management tool in the field of eSignature and accelerates every signing process, while the status of the intended business transaction remains traceable for all parties at all times.

Being a service provider for typical consumer processes such as opening an account, applying for credit or concluding a leasing contract, you can also offer your customers a completely digital experience. With xIDENTITY and video identification, the legally valid signature at the end of the process is can be executed online.


Acceleration of contract closures

Seamless contract processes

Release of human resources

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»I am convinced that the electronic signature is experiencing a breakthrough now. The time is ripe.«

Gerhard Schaupp