Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our CSR activities.

XiTrust – The eSignature Company not only sees itself as responsible for its employees and their families, but also takes its responsibility for society seriously with specific activities. In addition to supporting the Austrian Cancer Aid and the Special Olympics, XiTrust is also involved in a Children’s Village project with a sponsorship.

SOS Children's Vacation Village in Caldonazzo

In 1953, SOS Children’s Villages children were able to spend a summer at Lake Caldonazzo in Italy for the first time. Today Caldonazzo has become an international rendezvous for more than 1,000 orphans from all over Europe as well as the embodiment of adventure vacations par excellence. A colorful leisure program organised by various teams – such as the outdoor team, creative team and communications team – turns the stay into a vacation oasis for kids every year. With the donation of a laptop for the Children’s Vacation Village in Caldonazzo, XiTrust repeatedly demonstrates its commitment when it comes to supporting disadvantaged children.

Preisverleihung SOS-Kinder-Feriendorf in Caldonazzo
Herzkinder Österreich Urkunde

Herzkinder Austria.

XiTrust donates to “Herzkinder Austria”. The organisation supports children with heart conditions and their parents who are in distress during or after a heart disease and offers professional, social and emotional support.

Children's Cancer Aid.

For several years now, XiTrust has been supporting the Children’s Cancer Aid Austria with an insertion in the information guide “Rat und Rätsel” (Advice and Riddles). This supports affected children and parents in coping with this difficult situation as well as in aftercare and thus makes an important contribution to giving seriously ill children hope and confidence again.

Mission Hoffnung Kinderkrebshilfe Ehrenbotschafterurkunde
Urkunde Special Olympics

Special Olympics Austria.

As a sponsor, XiTrust  is supporting the Special Olympics for the third time, thus helping to promote people with mental disabilities in their sporting activities and to integrate them into society.
The support of this project is intended to emphasise that it should be a matter of course to respect handicapped people and to offer them every opportunity to be able to lead a dignified life in our society.

Sponsoring Universalmuseum Joanneum.

The topic of sustainability is not only at the top of the agenda at XiTrust when it comes to supporting disadvantaged people. In order to take on social responsibility in a special way and to preserve the cultural heritage in Styria, which also stands for sustainability, XiTrust has decided to take on room sponsorship for an exhibition space in the Old Gallery in Eggenberg Castle. As part of the Universalmuseum Joanneum and its collections, it is one of Austria’s most valuable cultural assets. These extremely valuable holdings must be protected and preserved, which requires an enormous degree of sensitivity. XiTrust is also very concerned about protecting sensitive collections of data and archiving them securely. Concepts such as assignability, integrity, traceability and protection can be transferred almost 1 : 1 to both fields of activity and represent the most important prerequisites for the daily work of both.

Schloss Eggenberg Joanneum