Become part of the Spirit!

XiTrust offers its employees the whole world of IT – at the best conditions.

atwork-1At XiTrust there is a special spirit. This spirit makes it possible to achieve high goals and to work in a pleasant atmosphere! All within a creative team in which group solidarity is writ LARGE.

A positive working climate, along with employee satisfaction, are the top priority of our company philosophy at XiTrust. XiTrust believes that it takes motivated employees working together to show strength in the market and to be a cut above the competition.

Yet there are still many more arguments in favor of XiTrust: at XiTrust, we work as independently as possible, e.g. in the scheduling of working hours or in dividing up the work amongst ourselves. By not being tied to one single area of responsibility, employees at XiTrust have the opportunity to apply their skills in numerous areas and projects. The adherence to common values has great significance in our work, both in dealing with one another as well as towards customers. Working together, we at XiTrust continuously create innovations in information technology. These innovations are packaged in products or services, which are delivered in high quality to customers.

atwork-17-neuWorking at XiTrust also means further development: XiTrust invests a large amount of time in product development, along with human resources development. We at XiTrust are constantly examining the requirements that make us an attractive employer: where can we optimize this? Which advanced training courses are appropriate? How can we strengthen our areas of competence, and what targeted programs can we offer to experienced employees? That is why moderated team-building seminars, regular advanced training courses and team meetings, joint sporting activities, as well as a strong team spirit, are all elements of daily work at XiTrust.


If you too want to immerse yourself in the world of IT and be a part of a team working on exciting, multifaceted and diversified IT projects, join the world of XiTrust.