Slide MOXIS is more than eSignature MOXIS is more than eSignature

Legally valid. Easy. Secure.

MOXIS is the eSignature solution that perfectly meets the needs of an enterprise.


With MOXIS, you can perfectly map your signing workflows. You individually define how many signatures a document requires, who should sign and how the document should be further processed.

Batch function

Sign documents digitally whenever and wherever you want. To manage tedious processes more efficiently, with MOXIS you can simply sign several documents simultaneously – and in parallel to other signers.


MOXIS supports the qualified electronic signature (QES) as standard. We thus guarantee the highest level of legally binding effect. Sign via handy signature – 100% eIDAS and ZertES compliant.

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The placeholder indicates where your signature will be placed. It can be individually configured and assigned to an specific person, function or department. After digitally signing with MOXIS, the placeholder is converted into an image of your handwritten signature.


MOXIS can also be conveniently inserted into MS Word (or other applications) – without leaving the Word interface. Word2MOXIS allows you to save time and work steps: Once the document has been created, the invitations for signature are already sent out.



... adapts to your processes and maps your signing workflows to accelerate your business


... seamlessly integrates with your favorite third-party apps (SAP, OpenText, Office365, Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.)

Groups and Roles

... can assign roles from the company's AD, define groups of signers and appoint substitutes


... offers an API that enables fast and easy integration into your applications

Two-Factor Authentication

... protects your documents from unauthorized access

Audit Trail

... creates a comprehensive FDA-compliant protocol for each signature (Audit-Trail)


... offers process templates in which documents with signature and text fields can be used


... provides you with assistance from a support team of experienced and friendly IT experts in the DACH region

Signature Types

... supports the standard/advanced (SES/AES) and qualified electronic signature (QES) by default – both remote signature and signature cards

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More information about the qualified electronic signature (QES) can be found here.

More information about the use of the qualified electronic seal in MOXIS can be found here.


... can be hosted and operated on-premises or in a (private) cloud, depending on your needs

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  • Your documents never leave your system boundaries.
  • Hash concept: When executing a signature, only the hash value of the document is transmitted, which prevents any conclusions being drawn about the content of the document.


  • Get your own instance of MOXIS in our data center.
  • We ensure absolute security thanks to numerous international certifications of our austrian-based data center (ISO 20.000-9, ISO 27.001, ISO 27.018, etc.).

Data Privacy

... ensures that your sensitive data is kept private and all criteria considering GDPR are met

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  • Provider shielded: all data is encrypted in a database which is not accessible to XiTrust in its function as provider
  • Deletion concept: no persistence of data in the cloud
  • Metadata are never evaluated or made available to third parties

Legal Aspects

... fulfills all requirements according to eIDAS (European Union) and ZertES (Switzerland) regulation

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European Union

  • xIDENTITY – eIDAS-compliant qualified remote signature and eIDAS-compliant qualified seals powered by Austrian Trust Center and qualified trust service provider.
  • Register worldwide in a few minutes via video identification procedure.
  • speed-sign App: Execute a signing process with your fingerprint or Face ID.

Please note: For Austrian residents, the “Handy-Signatur” is the equivalent of xIDENTITY and can be used for signing in MOXIS.


  • Legally valid eSignatures according to the Swiss signature law ZertES with our partner Swisscom.
  • Use your existing Mobile ID for a convenient signing process.


Pricing MOXIS

The features of the different MOXIS types at a glance.


Consulting & Project Management

Together, we will find the right solution for your requirements.



Companies are always in the focus of various authorities and institutions worldwide. Quality products require quality in all company processes. Many industries have to follow particularly strict compliance guidelines. MOXIS meets all legal requirements and is operated in an ISO-27001 certified data center.

MOXIS offers complete traceability, uses two-factor authentication and fully complies with the requirements of eIDAS, DSGVO, Swiss E-DSG and ZertES, 21 CFR Part 11 of the Food and Drug Administration, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and SOC 2 of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.



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Gerhard Fliess, Head of Product Development XiTrust MOXIS

Gerhard Fliess

Head of Product Development – XiTrust MOXIS
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