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MOXIS is the electronic signature folder that perfectly meets your needs.

Batch function

Sign documents electronically whenever and wherever you want. To manage tedious processes more efficiently, with MOXIS you can simply sign several documents simultaneously – and in parallel to the other signers.


MOXIS implies mobile remote signature with a qualified certificate. All your electronic signatures fulfill the highest legal standards in the EU. They have the same legal status as your handwritten signature.


The placeholder indicates where your signature will be placed. It can be individually configured and assigned to an specific person, function or department. After digitally counter-signing with MOXIS, the placeholder is converted into an image of your handwritten signature.


With MOXIS, you can create an optimal mirror of your workflow. You individually define how many signatures a document requires, who should sign and how the document should be further processed.


XiTrust MOXIS can also be conveniently inserted into MS Word – without leaving the Word interface. Word2MOXIS allows you to save time and work steps: Once the document has been created, the invitations for signature are already sent out.

XiTrust MOXIS can be optimally integrated

Solutions with XiTrust MOXIS

Retrieve circular resolutions in parallel

Fulfill compliance directives

Sign documents independent of time and location

Administration of credit notices

MOXIS in the healthcare industry

Solutions with integration partners


I can sign with MOXIS, whenever and wherever I want to. Why should I drive back to the office if it is not absolutely necessary?

Werner Bogendorfer - Insurer for Railways and Mines

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XiTrust MOXIS in practice

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Management Board signatures

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