Research & Development

IT Security and Innovation out of Passion

Since it was founded in the year 2002, XiTrust has been conducting research and development at the highest level. This is manifest in the company’s active cooperation in the Electronic Invoicing Group commissioned by the European Commission’s CEN/ISSS (Information Society Standardization System). International cooperation and teaching activities and the university field (Campus02, TU Graz, Academy for Law and Fiscal Administration, etc) as well as numerous lectures domestically and abroad, are but a few of the many indicators for the technologically pioneering role that XiTrust assumes with respect to the optimization of communications processes.

Since 2004, XiTrust has been an active partner of Secure Business Austria (SBA), the first Austrian research center for organizational and technical IT security, and since 2010 the company has also collaborated with evolaris, the competent center for mobile communication.