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The XiTrust begins in the year 2002. Since then, the software company has contributed towards securely managing the electronic work flows of many renowned clients from all fields of business and the public sector, thus giving them back part of their personal freedom.

Innovation, as well as top-quality for clients, are just some of the factors that have since made XiTrust the vendor of choice for consulting, services and products on all aspects of electronic signatures and business processes without cross-media conversion.

Management Board

Georg Lindsberger, CEO

Georg Lindsberger

CEO & Co-Founder
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Andreas Koller, CEO Germany

Andreas Koller

CEO Germany & Intl. Sales Management
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Beate Pieschl, Head of Finance

Beate Pieschl

Head of Finance
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Gerhard Fliess

Gerhard Fließ

Head of Software Development & Co-Founder
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Harald Krassnigg, Head of Project Management & Legal Issues

Harald Krassnigg

Head of Project Management & Legal Issues

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With three locations in Austria and Germany, XiTrust has in common with its clients the vision of a paperless future. The implementation of this vision is enabled by technologies such as digital signature and encryption, mobile remote signature, time stamping as well as the archiving of electronic documents. If you would also like to accompany us along the way back to your personal freedom, please feel free to contact us.

We will go down this path with you together!