A Journey to Paris – XiTrust at SaaStr Europa

A Journey to Paris – XiTrust at SaaStr Europa
21 Jun 2019

All companies looking for ways to market and distribute their products even better in times of digital transformation met in Paris on June 12 and 13.

SaaStr Europa attracted 2,500 visitors from all over the world to the venerable Maison de la Mutualité in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Built in the 1930s, the theatre hosted one of the most important marketing and sales venues of the year. A team from XiTrust Secure Technologies was on hand.

What are the IT-driven trends? Which startup will be the next unicorn? Where are the points of contact and differences between European market participants and overseas companies? In any case, there was no shortage of topics. “The difference between the European and American mindset is clearly noticeable here,” says Gerhard Fliess, Head of Software Development at XiTrust. “While US companies are radically focusing on software-as-a-service solutions and APIs have a corresponding significance, European companies are still focusing on choice and a wealth of variants.”

SaaStr Europa 2019

SaaS or on-premises?

The customers of XiTrust are familiar with this approach: Signature solutions are always individually adapted to the client’s corporate strategy. When it comes to the implementation of the enterprise solution MOXIS, one can basically choose between a SaaS solution and on-premises hosting. “That is our strength,” says Fliess. “SaaS solutions are certainly particularly suitable for scaling into the bulk, but we still see the advantages of solutions in our customers’ private clouds.” Software as a Service is seen by chief developer Fliess as an important addition to the portfolio. “But we have also learned again in many exciting talks here: The customer always has the final say.”

The bottom line is two intense days in Paris with many impressions and new insights. Unfortunately, this also included the fact that an after-hours beer is served for 14 euros …