The Next Generation

The Next Generation
01 Dec 2020

The process templates in MOXIS simplify the internal roll-out and take process configuration to a new level.

The development of MOXIS is in some way comparable to that of smartphones: Both products have learned from generation to generation. The digital signature folder has become more comprehensive in its range of applications at every stage of development and adapts flexibly to the needs of the users. The process templates also make it possible to group signature processes according to subject. With MOXIS, all signatories involved have a tool that documents and automatically archives each work step.

Independent roll-out

“The basic idea behind the process templates was to give users the opportunity to independently add other departments within their company and configure the best signature processes,” says Gerhard Fließ, Head of Software Development at XiTrust. The idea was followed by an intensive analysis of the most important processes for digital signatures, which XiTrust had gathered from its experience with more than 100 international customers. On this basis, 150 presetting options were defined. “With these presets, our guiding principle was to map as many combinations as possible when it comes to signature processes,” explains Fließ. The possibilities range from signature group assignments to the design of a form.

More MOXIS with process templates

There have been templates in MOXIS before as well. With these practical templates, a specific, recurring signature process can easily be used as the standard procedure. They contain all the common functionalities such as the job description, the expiry date, the position of the signatures and the decision levels that determine who signs in which order. “The process templates take it one step further,” explains Fließ. “In addition, it is now also possible to attach parameters such as priority and comments to the process flow!” MOXIS is thus not only extended by further functions, but with everything that has been put into it, MOXIS now turns into a valuable communication tool.

The development department at XiTrust is already thinking about the future when it comes to digital signatures. The focus is always on decision-makers: The concept developed for MOXIS will in future not only allow several executives to sign at defined decision-making levels using the templates function, but it will also combine thematically related processes with an individual folder structure in MOXIS at the same time. Gerhard Fließ: “It is not uncommon for groups of five or more people to have ten different documents to sign for a single project. They can now exchange information on the project at any time via MOXIS.”

One example is the purchasing department of infrastructure companies. Every new construction project, every maintenance and repair measure requires an optimal overview of the associated signature processes, since they indicate the progress of an individual project. Fließ: “All MOXIS users can call up each individual process at any time and quickly get an overview of the project status. Documents requiring signatures ultimately provide information about where something is still missing and where the necessary signatures have already been provided!”