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When Wolfgang Zwicknagl takes his seat at his office desk in the morning, he has already made and forwarded the first decisions of the day: By electronic signature with MOXIS, the professional enterprise solution for Systems of Agreement. As Vice President IT & Organization, he has been working consistently for years on paperless processes at KTM, Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. “Our horizon at KTM is clearly to replace paper-based processes with digital ones,” says Zwicknagl, himself a passionate motorcyclist who calls a stylish Husqvarna his own. “The electronic signature saves time and makes our processes even more transparent!” MOXIS plays a key role in this.

»Motorsport is not just a product for us. It is our culture, our DNA. That's why anything that serves to accelerate is always welcome at KTM. Just like MOXIS!«

Wolfgang Zwicknagl

Vice President IT & Organization, KTM AG

Herr Wolfgang Zwicknagl

In the sign of change

From 2014 to 2016, Zwicknagl and his team “once turned around” the system landscape and IT infrastructure at KTM, as he puts it, and switched to SAP.”In this context, many processes have naturally changed.” For an internationally growing company, paper-based processes will at some point pose a particular challenge “if you want to continue to meet the high quality demands in the future,” Zwicknagl knows. During the complex digitization process at KTM, not much remained open in the end. One of the things that was still missing was qualified electronic signatures.

Focus on integration

Motivated by the time required to collect the necessary signatures in analog form, KTM looked for a signature solution that could be easily integrated. “The initial question was: how do we fundamentally deal with the issue of signatures?” explains Zwicknagl. “As a company of our size, you have a highly differentiated signature regulation that precisely regulates who is authorized to sign for what.” This regulation had to be brought into line with a new option for qualified electronic signing. The aim was to improve the signature processes externally. This affects board members, authorized signatories, and also managing directors of sub-companies. The aim was to accelerate non-disclosure agreements, contract issues, purchasing and procurement, and at the same time simplify the processes. Background: Even after the SAP conversion, external signatures were not supported electronically.

Qualified and mobile

In KTM’s signature workflows, the four-eyes principle usually applies in accordance with the signature regulations. Due to the high mobility of the decision-makers who are required to sign and the spatial distances in a large company like KTM, it was often tedious to gather all the signatures. Whereby “carrying” is to be understood quite literally here. “A lot of time was lost in the process,” says Wolfgang Zwicknagl. “The possibility of qualified mobile signing with MOXIS is a great improvement for me! There it is then, for example, also possible to sign when you are at the MotoGP, which, as you know, unfortunately does not take place in Mattighofen!”

For KTM, MOXIS has become a pacesetter on the way to the paperless office. For the future, there are plans to roll out MOXIS further in contact with suppliers and other external companies.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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