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Hardly any other industry is as dependent on mature and reliable work processes as the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical quality products require the same level of quality in all corporate processes, first and foremost in production itself. The sensitivity of the products, which can save lives in an emergency, also places ever increasing demands on the industry when it comes to communication with partners, customers and suppliers. For example, in the transmission of product-related documents. Fresenius Kabi Austria works with XiTrust MOXIS, the digital signature folder. MOXIS turns documents into quality documents.

»We have benefited greatly from the flexibility and speed of our partners at XiTrust!«

Hans-Jürgen Moitzi

Head of IT, Fresenius Kabi Austria

Maximum Level of Security

As a result, the pharmaceutical company is always in the focus of the most diverse authorities and institutions worldwide. Paper-based processes are naturally more prone to errors. At the same time, issues such as data authenticity and data integrity are gaining in importance throughout the pharmaceutical industry. These can only be truly guaranteed with a qualified electronic signature.

In the case of medical device information, recipients of a document need the assurance that the content has not been altered during transmission and, of course, that the sender is who he claims to be. And all this in compliance with the legal framework. Fresenius Kabi was therefore looking for a pragmatic solution that meets these requirements and can be easily integrated into existing systems given the tight timeline and high cost pressure of a globally operating enterprise.

Digital and Legally Valid

In external communication, Fresenius Kabi Austria now creates its quality documents with the help of MOXIS, XiTrust‘s digital signature folder. The goal is complete traceability in the exchange of sensitive documents, some of which are subject to confidentiality. This is made possible by the qualified electronic signature that MOXIS supports by default. This means that all documents signed with MOXIS are certified and therefore legally valid.

Thus, the integrity of the document and the authenticity of the sender are always guaranteed. In the pharmaceutical industry in Graz and everywhere else in the world.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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