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The ways in which digital processes can support the construction industry are not immediately apparent to the casual observer. Yet the concept of “Industry 4.0” has long since arrived in this sector as well, e.g. through Building Information Modeling (BIM). What’s behind it is nothing other than the digital construction site, in which all the individual steps, from planning, through implementation, right down to calculation, are summarized in one model. Complete information is available at any time for all participants, each minor change in the project with all its impacts can be seen immediately.

In concrete terms, BIM stands for planning as a 3D model and digital acquisition of all relevant data that can then be directly integrated into the model. What is already a normal practice in Britain and North America is not yet a ubiquitous feature in the Austrian construction industry. HABAU GROUP is also still in the beginning stages in this regard. An initial important step in the digitalization process is now made with the implementation of the eSignature – in the form of MOXIStoolkit.

»I am convinced that electronic signatures will make a breakthrough. The time is ripe.«

Gerhard Schaupp


Simplicity in the foreground

The implementation of MOXIStoolkit initially covered internal processes, such as the requesting of IT assets via an online form. A simple approval by means of advanced signature is usually sufficient for this. Yet the process for performance reports in controlling, where qualified signatures are necessary and were previously signed manually according to the four-eyes principle, is already a reality.

Zahlreiche Anwendungsfälle

The implementation of MOXIStoolkit initially covered internal processes such as requesting IT assets using an online form or submitting hourly reports. For such things, simple approval using an advanced signature is usually sufficient. However, the process for activity reports in controlling, where qualified signatures are required and were previously signed manually according to the dual control principle, is also already a reality.

There are plans to rapidly expand the areas of application – there are more than enough possible scenarios at HABAU GROUP. Documents from public agencies, on which several persons from the executive board are required to bear signature, are still an extremely time-consuming matter, given the decentralized structure with locations in all of Austria. Here the digital signature can be optimally used with its entire spectrum of advantages. The purchasing department is also soon expected to be able to sign digitally – including the suppliers.

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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