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In cooperation with XiTrust-Partner Swisscom, the qualified electronic signature is now present in Lichtenstein’s soil. The Kaiser Partner Privatbank based in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) was not only searching for an electronic signature solution that could rapidly be implemented, but also for a top-notch user-friendly solution. It is no wonder their choice promptly fell for MOXIS.

Nothing gets by Fabian Scherrer. As Head of Project Management at the Liechtenstein-based Kaiser Partner Privatbank, he and his team put the complete project portfolio to the acid test. “We evaluate new initiatives coming from each of the different departments and we provide assistance throughout all ongoing projects.” The electronic signature is one of these initiatives. It has already been in mind before the pandemic measures were implemented past spring. The imposed personal contact restrictions triggered the eSignature initiative and ‘overnight’ it became the top priority of the private bank. The time frame was far too ambitious: the company wanted to integrate this new solution into their signing processes within four weeks.

Responsible Banking

The reason for this was the security measures taken to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic: The responsible people at Kaiser Partner knew that handwritten document signatures were no longer
compatible with the new situation. “It was also about, integrating employees working from home by means of a professional signature solution, and this way overcome attrition losses,” explains Fabian Scherrer.

Kaiser Partner is an award-winning, familyowned private bank based in Liechtenstein. It was founded in 1977 in Vaduz, the capital of Lichtenstein, and for over a decade, the focus of the institution lies in responsible investment and banking. The portfolio of the Liechtensteiner entrepreneur, investor and philanthrope, Fritz Kaiser, include the wealth advisors group Kaiser Wealth Advisors with a history that goes back to 1931, the asset management company Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors, the boutique agency 21iLAB, Seawind, the investor for sustainable energy projects and the business initiative ‘The Classic Car Trust’ apart from the private bank.


»In the end, MOXIS convinced us the most of all evaluated solutions.«

Fabian Scherrer

Head of Project Management, Kaiser Partner Privatbank

Only four weeks

“Reliability and security are values that have always been paramount to our company,” says Fabian Scherrer. And these are the same values the manager demands from an electronic signature solution. Among the core requirements is the electronic signature, which does not only comply with the eIDAS regulation, but also meets the standards of ZertES, the Swiss signature guidelines. Research carried out in the solution portfolio of Swisscom AG, which is a XiTrust- Partner since 2019, shortlisted MOXIS. “In the end, MOXIS was the most convincing of all the solutions we evaluated,” says Scherrer. A key decision, especially since the Head of Project Management knew: “We cannot afford the slightest mistake, otherwise we wouldn’t meet the four-week deadline to switch company-wide to certified electronic signatures.“

Joint spirit

The cooperation with XiTrust during the implementation of MOXIS was “marked by a joint spirit,” as Scherrer puts it. “The work was carried out according to each level, we had a competent contact person for each of the phases of the project. XiTrust support department really did incredible work in the short time.” The scope of application of MOXIS accounts for about two thirds of the internal documents in the case of Kaiser Partner Privatbank. With MOXIS, the qualified electronic signature is also being used for communication between customers and advisors.

Easy, intuitive and fast

But it was not about how fast they provided all services that convinced the Kaiser Partner Privatbank of MOXIS. “Easy, intuitive and fast” is how Scherrer describes the daily work with MOXIS. “There is one surface to navigate. We do not have to click around to electronically sign a document. Everything is transparent and recorded in an easy, understandable way. A clean solution.“ The group plans to rollout MOXIS to further entities. They are also considering to offer bank costumers the possibility of a remote signature directly from the Kaiser Partner Privatbank. Scherrer: “With XiTrust and Swisscom we now have an integral package that perfectly meets the values of the Kaiser Partner Privatbank.“

Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor at XiTrust

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