Strong Partner for Switzerland

Strong Partner for Switzerland
02 Apr 2019

XiTrust Secure Technologies is now a partner company of the major Swiss telco provider Swisscom. As a consequence, the eSign solution MOXIS can now be offered in Switzerland with its entire set of features and functions.

Andreas Koller, CEO XiTrust Germany, comments with corresponding enthusiasm on this growth step: “The partnership closes the gap to Switzerland! We have many clients with branches in Switzerland, who of course do not want to go without MOXIS here either.”

According to Koller, the aim was to significantly simplify the situation for the customer base and at the same time to further establish the product portfolio in the Swiss market. This partnership became possible because MOXIS has fully integrated Swisscom’s new All-in Signing Service (AIS).

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The partnership between XiTrust and Swisscom did not go unnoticed by the Swiss press

The eSignature is on the rise: on the basis of the eIDAS regulation, it is possible everywhere in the EU to sign legally valid electronically by remote signature – a qualified signature applied with a mobile phone. The qualified electronic signature (QES) is legally 100 percent equal to the handwritten signature. In Switzerland, a non-EU country, the situation is equally clear: on the basis of the Swiss Signature Act ZertES, remote signatures of the same quality can now be affixed using the All-in Signing Service. Mobile and legally valid. With a strong partner.