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Send confidential information by e-mail


Lots of information is not intended for the public, yet a normal e-mail is as secure as a postcard.
For unauthorized persons, unsigned emails can therefore be easily read and modified, which means that this level of security is far from sufficient for the exchange of sensitive data (employee data, company figures, business documents etc.). That is why only encrypted e-mails can truly ensure that confidential information will indeed stay confidential.

With the XiTrust Business Server, XiTrust offers an easy to administer centralized solution for encryption and signature. The integration into an existing e-mail system is easily implemented.

You can find additional information about e-mail security here: XMS – XiTrust Mailing System


Electronic communication at the highest standard

Guaranteed secure against manipulation and documented immutability of the signed e-mails

Secure transmission of confidential information and critical content

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