Solutions for XiTrust TIMESTAMP SERVER

Proof of authorship in a patent application or utility model

Xitrust Timestamp Server

In order to protect technical inventions, it is necessary to register a patent or utility model. Up to the time a patent is registered, the invention must be kept absolutely confidential. Especially in this unprotected period, it is necessary to document who the inventor is, what he invented or developed, and when. This documentation is useful, in case he is later involved in litigation and third-party claims are made on the invention.

The XiTrust Timestamp Server can help you in this regard by quickly, economically and independently documenting the steps of your work, leading up to the registration of the patent.


Copyrighted works can be chronologically frozen

Clear attribution of authorship

Legal and audit-compliant handling of processes

Reference projects

Here you’ll find additional references and reference projects.


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