Quality Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

XiTrust MOXIS in the pharmaceutical industryHardly any other industry is as dependent on mature and reliable work processes as the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical quality products require the same level of quality in all corporate processes, first and foremost in production itself.

As a result, pharmaceutical companies are always in the focus of the most diverse authorities and institutions worldwide. Paper-based processes are naturally more prone to errors. At the same time, issues such as data authenticity and data integrity are gaining in importance throughout the pharmaceutical industry. This can only be ensured with a qualified electronic signature.

The digital signature folder XiTrust MOXIS supports quality management in the pharmaceutical industry, and turns documents into legally valid qualtiy documents.

MOXIS guarantees data authenticity, uses two-factor authentication and fully meets the requirements of 21 CFR (Part 11) of the FDA.


Qualified eSignature for quality documents

Ensuring data integrity & authenticity

Complete traceability


With a digitally signed document, we can always track who is responsible for it, whether it has been changed and, of course, where it is located.

Hans-Juergen Moitzi - IT-Leiter, Fresenius Kabi Austria

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