A-Trust EN XiTrust is a long-standing partner and shareholder of the
eIDAS compliant Trust Center and technology leader for QES.
A-Trust GmbH
Swisscom EN Legally valid eSignature according to the Swiss Signature
Act ZertES with the All-in Signing Service of Swisscom.
Swisscom AG
Egnyte EN The leading provider for secure enterprise file sharing has
integrated the legally valid eSignature into its ecosystem.
scc EN The leading supplier of SAP applications and solutions
has expanded its portfolio with MOXIS and the eSignature.
© scc AG scc AG
Landwehr EN With MOXIS, the leading manufacturer of software solutions
has integrated the eSignature into its supply chain.
© LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH LANDWEHR

Progressing Together – Our Partner Network

In Practice – Examples of Partner Solutions

A Combination of Trust

Partnership A-Trust

The qualified trust service provider A-Trust is our long-standing and reliable partner for the qualified electronic signature – 100% eIDAS compliant.


More about the qualified remote signature:
xIDENTITY – a service by XiTrust & A-Trust

A seamless map

Partnerschaft Swisscom

The integration of Swisscom’s All-in Signing Service enables the legally valid eSignature in XiTrust MOXIS in accordance with the Swiss Signature Act ZertES.


More information:
Swisscom Trust Services

Unlimited possibilites

Partnerschaft LANDWEHR

XiTrust is part of the partner network of LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH, the leading manufacturer of software solutions for the personnel services industry, among others.


L1/MOXIS for LANDWEHR customers:
Order extension here

Videos of partner solutions

EMS E Sign Produkt Trailer 1080p


XiTrust MOXIS für LANDWEHR L1 Digitale Signaturen

Landwehr L1

E Signatur mit XiTrust MOXIS & Swisscom



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