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Of all industries, healthcare is subject to strict ethical and legal compliance requirements. Nonetheless, especially in this industry, signatures are very frequently still paper-based, and the media discontinuity still exists despite advances in digitalization in many areas.

Here are some areas where signatures are still paper-based:

  • Binding and legally required signature of physicians’ letters reports, operation and laboratory reports
  • Numerous processes in the area of administration and organization
  • Binding and audit-compliant long-term archiving of medical records
Infografik MOXIS im Krankenhausbereich

Your advantages with MOXIS .

Binding and legally required signature of physicians' letters

With XiTrust MOXIS, the signer now as the freedom to sign physicians’ letters or other documents requiring a legal signature by means of a qualified signature any time and anywhere without having to print out the documents.

Obtain approvals and signatures in administration efficiently and in parallel

XiTrust MOXIS offers the ideal solution for your approval and signature processes and enables the executive level to be at liberty to sign sophisticated documents independent of place or time, using a mode that is legally compliant.

Safeguarding the originality and audit-compliant long-term archiving of medical records

With XiTrust MOXIS, the signer will have the freedom in the future to document the legally required originality of medical records independent of the archiving system and to guarantee that nothing has been modified in the original document.

In Practice .

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