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eSignatures in the Financial and Insurance Industry

eSignature is an essential part of a company’s digitalization strategy. Banks, financial service providers and insurance companies in particular are interested in getting rid of paper-based signature processes in their often complex contract management, and mapping them digitally instead. As a result, significant competitive advantages in terms of security, cost savings, efficiency and ultimately, customer satisfaction can be gained.

Account opening, credit application, claim reporting, disbursement, asset management and much more: in the financial and insurance industry, the electronic signature folder XiTrust MOXIS can be used to completely digitize and hence, simplify contract management for a wide variety of applications. The necessary digital identity for a legally valid, qualified electronic signature according to the eIDAS regualtion, for example via the service, comes with it right away!


Highest level of security and legal compliance

Acceleration of all signature processes

Wide range of internal and external use cases


I can sign with MOXIS, whenever and wherever I want to. Why should I get back to the office if it is not absolutely necessary?

Werner Bogendorfer - Director Health and Innovation, VAEB (Insurer for Railways and Mines)

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